Getting Our Bearings

The formative principle of this site is that the methods, techniques, tools, & materials we use for the Tibetan language ought to be based on sound, scientific research. As other languages, and especially majority languages such as English, take long strides in improving & solidifying new education, translation, & research models, we owe it to the Tibetan language to apply that knowledge to our own field of study. 

This section of the site is dedicated to showing where (& how) we can begin... 


Corpus linguistics

Applying linguistics to Tibetan language learning, teaching, & research methods requires understanding and using corpora. Corpus linguistics—the analysis of large sets of text data—has a key role to play in transforming the way translators, educators, and other language specialists of Tibetan do what they do. 

research tools

Tutorials & guides for using modern research tools & technologies in corpus linguistics, digital humanities, and other, related fields. How do we take the tools developed for majority languages and bend them to suit our work in Tibetan? 

Below: As an example, explore how 84000 uses English in translation